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YOGA at your own pace

Competition and yoga are two words that can not coexist because there is absolutely no competition in this practice.

I always tell students because there is a lot of competition in everyday life.

Who can do the best posture? who can hold it for longer?

During practice, the focus is on the inside and you focus on your own practice and not on what everyone else is doing.

Usually, you feel competitive in a classroom when you listen to negative chatter and you let yourself be overwhelmed, but the truth is that it doesn’t matter if you can’t balance or "fold like a book", the important thing is to be present to ourselves when we practice.

The mind calms down, the body relaxes and the breath becomes deeper, so that we can slowly and at our own pace, to carry out an asana.

Fear is another very frequent emotion before trying the most difficult asanas. Most of the time, people do not believe in their abilities and do not trust their bodies, finding themselves attending the usual beginner/intermediate level classes instead of going ahead with their path.

Therefore, it is important to find a teacher who is attentive and dedicated to this ancient practice, since the lack of attention to the student can cause injuries.


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