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"i don't like her" but i don't know her"

Why is that?

The aura is the energy field that surrounds your entire body.

Everything has its aura and often we can perceive the auric field of a person when we perceive his "vibration".

(You can also feel your energy field by simply rubbing your hands)

The aura is connected to the 7 energy centers of the body or chakra and is compromised by 7 different layers. Each layer varies in depth and size depending on the person. The layers of the aura pulsate outwards from the body, with the first layer closest to the body and the seventh layer farthest from the body.

But what does it mean when we don’t like someone we don’t even know?

Each of us is able to understand the aura of those around him, communicating with people, things, environments not only with the word, with the gestures and colors we wear, but also with our only being: the aura, our energy field.

When an aura is healthy and energetic, the person is able to live his life to the full; when one or more auras are not in optimal condition, the person experiences difficulties in the areas of the psyche attributed to that aura.

When two people meet, and they auras form a connection from the Surya chakra, the emotional center located in the center of the rib cage near the sternum.

But remember that our auras always change. Energy or vibrations are always in a state of flux.

Problems in relationships occur when the energies that were once similar now change or vibrate at different frequencies.

When this happens, one begins to reject the person (energy) who is not in alignment with his own.

When we meet a person we do not know and we say that we do not like him/her, it means that our aura is rejecting his or her and our energies do not match.

It’s nobody’s fault, it’s just a mismatch of energy!


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