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Meditate to suspend

To sit and to stop is to see.

By meditating, we enter a receptive space where every judgment is suspended, where the mind does not stop (because it is impossible) but we focus on one thing.

When everything seems to go wrong, we should have the courage to stop and meditate in order to find the awareness that there are new opportunities at this time.

When we feel fear, we should not try to control it but to see in it an opportunity to find ourselves.

When we live a hectic and obstinate life, we tend not to produce anything good for ourselves but for others, because our gaze is turned outward to satisfy, to please and to feel more confident in being accepted as winners.

Ho to start meditating?

We can carry ourselves in a sitting or supine position, we close our eyes and bring attention to our breath.

Whenever we notice that our attention is directed elsewhere, to a sound around us, to a thought or to our emotion, we bring it back to our breath. Slowly, we become aware of our breath and mind, choosing what to listen to.

Be careful, however, we must not get nervous or judge ourselves if we cannot keep our gaze fixed on our breath constantly!

We must remember that we are devoting this time to ourselves and therefore, also to our emotions that must be recognized and respected.

Meditation does not have as its purpose the estrangement from life but being one with it and its truth.

If you have little time but want to start with a short guided meditation, here is the free audio:


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