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Reaching the asana: patience is everything

There are many interesting details about ourselves that are revealed as we recognize our weaknesses and our attitude towards challenges.

When we practice asanas, we expel toxins, old energy and beliefs about life, moving beyond the limitations we have imposed on ourselves.

We become stronger and more flexible, which leads to better concentration and greater openness.

The method to advance in the asanas is to practice every day with the intention of maintaining at least what you have developed.

You must also be psychologically prepared to release what brings fear or trauma present in the body. In order for the body to voluntarily let go of these grips, you must deal with the inner cleansing of these problems.

The inner work of facing your fears or forgiving the pain you had to endure because of another’s actions, must be done through meditation. This requires self-inquiry, self-compassion, and forgiveness of the causes of these experiences.

Yogic poses or Pranayama (breathing techniques) are meant to clear blocks in the flow of energy through our nadis to help us feel peace. By feeling peace we can meditate longer, arriving at places within us that are revealing information and insights, challenging us to grow.

Once we let go of the sufferings, agitation or distractions we can, through our newfound calm, carry out the asanas.

With a calm breath, the movements will be more fluid and the awareness of our body will help us in the movements.

Do not rush to reach an advanced asana: through constant practice and proper alignment, you will be able to move your body as you want.

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